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BTV World

Bangladesh Television (BTV), a state-owned national TV station began its operations in 1964. Besides education and entertainment, its mandate is to ensure the equitable dissemination of information to the mass people and contribute to the nation’s socio-economic development of Bangladesh.

It telecasts various program comprising drama, documentaries, musicals, education, and information, including 14 News bulletins in English and Bangle daily. The vision of the present Government is to make “Digital Bangladesh” by 2021 and BTV is working on it.


In 1964, Television Started broadcasting as a Corporation, named Pakistan Television Corporation. Transmission of the station initially began from DIT (Presently RAJUK Bhaban) for four hours duration. After independence in 1971, it was renamed as Bangladesh Television (BTV) and continued as corporation till 1972. Then BTV was given a status of a Department of the Government under the administrative control of the Ministry of Information.

Offices and studios of Bangladesh Television were shifted to Rampura from DIT building on 9th February 1975. Being a state-owned public broadcaster, BTV’s administrative and financial management is under control of the Government. 

In the context of Bangladesh's social perspective, the organization has earned the trust of its viewers for which the producers, artists and supporting manpower deserve commendation for their coordinated efforts, creativity, and sincere devotion. Bangladesh Television takes pride in recollecting the memories of 1971 when the organization inspired the nation during our great war of liberation.

New Era:

BTV started Color Transmission in 1980. Since then the state-run media is pursuing a forward-looking journey. Till 2003, as many as 14 relay stations, located all over the country, have been established. Thus 93 percent geographical area of the country has come under transmission coverage.  

Exchange Programmes:

BTV exchanges program and news with other broadcasting organization on a regular basis. It is an important member of SAARC Audio Visual Exchange Programme ( SAVE) and exchanges programs among the broadcasters of the region. Bangladesh as a developing and peace-loving country has always extended its hands of cooperation with other nations.

BTV is an important member of several international media bodies. As a member of Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), Bangladesh Television joined the Satellite News Exchange program under ABU when it was launched in 1984.

Asia Vision:

BTV is exchanging visual news items every day with Asiavsion (AVN) members and has made a valuable contribution to its operation. BTV earned several AVN awards for its timely and speedy despatch of important news items that had hit the global news headlines. AVN has also trained up a good number of BTV news personnel. As a mark of its commitment to regional and global broadcasting networks, BTV has set up a Digital Ground Station with the help of ABU in 30th September 2001.

A fleet of professional newsmen with a blend of experience and enthusiasm are working round the clock with endless determination to quench the thirst of the viewers. Bangladesh Television is enrolled as an important member of different international media associations.